About Us

Pirate Parfum navigates between subtle fragrances to offer perfumes worthy of the greatest, at the lowest prices. To achieve this, it has gathered a passionate crew in Grasse, France, the home of perfume, including three ‘Noses’ and an Evaluator. Together, they work to compose the most delicate and refined of fragrances.

In Patrick Süskind’s “Perfume”, Jean-Baptiste Grenouille demonstrates his expertise with Giuseppe Baldini reproducing the scents of his competitors. In the image of the greatest perfumers, he demonstrated he ability to revisit the classics whilst adding his own special touch. Similarly, Pirate Parfum builds on existing essences to create it’s own alternatives.

With this ‘pirate’ spirit, from the Greek “to try one’s luck at adventure” or “an entrepreneur”, Pirate Parfum hopes to turn the world of Perfumery upside down whilst advocating the non-copyrighted freedom of fragrances. It’s team of Noses thus put their talents towards the recomposition of the greatest perfume recipes using it’s artisanal manufacturing process that eschews the mass manufacturing methods used by large brands. It favours instead natural raw materials wherever possible over synthetic molecules whilst drawing upon the widest genealogy of odors.

All this to capsize our customers with a multitude of shades of intoxicating scents that last for hours and hours.